COVID-19 Patient Journey at This Is It Dental

Your new patient journey

Here at This is It Dental clinic, we understand that the current situation has been a challenging time for everyone, but also that we need to ensure we are still able to care for you and provide for your dental needs in a manner that ensures your visit to us is as safe and comfortable as possible. That is why we have been working relentlessly to completely redesign the way we operate so that we can begin to welcome you back as safely and as quickly as possible.

Every decision we have made and every step we have taken has been with a focus on the safety of you, our colleagues and clinicians. We have invested in additional premium enhanced PPE, extra equipment and implemented new decontamination and safety procedures of the very highest standards that all our practice colleagues and clinicians are fully trained in.

Consequently, when you visit This is It Dental practice during the COVID-19 pandemic , you’ll notice a temporary surcharge on top of the usual fees. This contributes to the additional cost incurred by the practice needed to ensure continued safety measures are adhered to.  We sincerely all hope it is only for a short time and is something we will be regularly reviewing.

We understand that things may feel different to your usual experience of a dental visit, and that you may be concerned, so here is some information on how your new visit will look and feel.

If you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19/Coronavirus, please let us know as soon as you can; do not attend your appointment and follow the government guidelines around self-isolation.

Before the day of your appointment

7 days and 2 days before your appointment we will send you an appointment reminder email explaining all the important information that you require prior to your visit. This would include who you will be seeing , the time and date of your appointment and we may ask you to complete and return digitally a medical history form  and other relevant information through a new patient portal system.

Our  pre- visit health  screening is  to ensure that  you are free of any COVID 19 symptoms and that we can look after you safely, what treatment you will be having and what to do when you arrive and if you require any special assistance on arrival.  Should you have any questions we will be very happy to address them.

On the day of your appointment

We ask that where possible , before you depart for the practice you are well hydrated and have already brushed your teeth. Washroom facilities are available on the ground floor of the building should you need to use it.

We urge you not to bring a large number of personal belongings into the practice and ensure you only bring necessary items with you. Where possible we are encouraging card payments only.

To minimise risk please ensure you attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or are accompanying a child or someone vulnerable.

We are encouraging patients not to arrive too early or to be late for your appointments as this will help us to ensure that your waiting time is minimised and help to maintain social distancing. You may let us know that you have arrived by, ‘checking in’ using your personal patient portal link, before entering the building. You are only able to use the link 30 mins prior to or 5 mins after your appointment. Please let us know if you do not have a mobile phone when our team contacts you the day before so that we can make alternative arrangements.

You may wish to be wearing a face mask on arrival at the practice.

Before you enter the building

On arriving at the practice the receptionist will remotely open the door and you are encouraged to use the sanitising gel that has been placed near the entrance before you wait in the patient lounge. If you have NOT checked in via the patient portal then please proceed to inform the receptionist of your arrival. The receptionist will be seated behind a plastic shield for the safety of everyone. You maybe asked to wait in the patient lounge area which has been re-arranged to maintain social distancing.

When it is time for your appointment, one of our team members will call you to step outside of the lounge. Before proceeding to the treatment room the team member will take your temperature to ensure you do not have a fever and only invite you into the practice room if your temperature is safely below 37.8 degrees centigrade. Unfortunately, if your are above 37.8 degrees we will have to rearrange your appointment for the safety of all those in the practice.

If your temperature is below 37.8 degrees you will be requested to wash your hands with soap and water in the washroom before proceeding to the treatment room . Your team member will escort you to the treatment room. If you should need to use the lift to the first floor you will be greeted outside of the lift by your team member.


On entering the treatment room you may place your belongings on the chair and will be asked to sanitise your hands and shown how to correctly place a facemask. You will continue to wear the mask during all discussions and consultations whilst inside the treatment room and only removed prior to treatment commencing.

To overcome social distancing recommendations, whilst you are having treatment, our team will be wearing extra enhanced personal protective equipment( PPE) . This may mean that it is more difficult to see our colleagues and clinicians’ faces, but please be reassured that they will be the usual friendly team.

If you are attending for treatment, especially for procedures that produce a spray you will be asked to carefully swill your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution for 1 minute. Our team will talk you through this on the day.

After The Appointment

When your treatment is complete, you will replace your facemask and guided towards the desk.

The team members will continue to wear their enhanced PPE whilst your next appointment is scheduled and payments taken. Our card machines are freshly disinfected and have protective barrier sheets placed over the keypads. You will be asked to insert and remove the card from the payment machine.

Before we say goodbye and you leave the treatment room please collect all your belongings, you will be asked to dispose of your mask and leave after using the hand sanitiser. Return to the treatment room will be restricted as the room will be undergoing a thorough deep clean and disinfection process to prepare the room for the next patient.

If you have any questions after the appointment we will be able to call you to discuss this further as our aim is to minimise your time in the practice, for your own safety.

We hope that the new patient journey ensures that you can feel confident when visiting us and are reassured that every step has been taken to ensure the safety of you, our colleagues and clinicians. Your safety is our top priority as we begin re opening and return to providing you with the same standard of dental care that you have been used to. Should you have any questions regarding our new practice experience please do not hesitate to contact us.