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What is composite bonding and what are its benefits?

If you’ve been looking into cosmetic procedures for your teeth, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term ‘composite bonding’. It’s a procedure that is growing in popularity at the moment, with more and more people choosing it to help fix dental issues they may have. But what actually is composite bonding and how can it help your smile?

Composite bonding works by applying a special tooth-coloured resin onto your teeth in order to improve the appearance of your teeth. It can be done for cosmetic reasons or to repair your teeth, for instance if there are any cracks or chips in your teeth that need to be restored.
So, what can composite bonding help fix?
Gaps in your teeth
If you have small gaps in between your teeth that you are worried about, composite bonding can be a simple solution to give you a more joined up smile. A dentist can apply the resin over your teeth, allowing them to close up any gaps, resulting in a fuller smile.
Crooked teeth
Worrying about teeth being too crooked is something that we often hear at This Is It Dental and many people are worried about how to fix this problem in a quick and simple procedure. Fortunately, this is another thing with which composite bonding can help. If the problem is only minor, it can be fixed by careful placement of the composite resin. By adding it to certain parts of the tooth, it can create the appearance of a far more even smile, with all the teeth lined up properly.

Discoloured teeth
If your teeth are discoloured for any reason, this can affect your confidence and make you less comfortable with your smile. Composite bonding can be a great fix for this. The resin itself is coloured, so your dentist can select a whiter colour to apply to your teeth, giving you that diamond smile you’ve always wanted!

Chipped or cracked teeth
Not only are chips or cracks in your teeth unaesthetic, if they’re not looked after they could easily get worse and create more serious dental health issues in the future. Fortunately, composite bonding can help with both of these issues. The resin will coat the chipped or cracked tooth, so no-one will be able to see the damage. It will also help protect the tooth, giving it time to heal without suffering any further damage.
There are clearly plenty of ways in which composite bonding could be the solution for your dental issues, but what makes this procedure better than others? The main thing is the cost and simplicity of it versus other more complex procedures.

Lots of people may associate the dentist with painful memories, especially if they’ve had to have fillings or other invasive procedures in the past! Composite bonding is not like this at all however. It keeps your tooth structure completely intact, so there is need for drilling which many patients understandably find unpleasant. This also means that you won’t need any anaesthetic during the procedure: a win-win!

Composite bonding can be done quickly and easily. In fact, a procedure will probably only take between thirty to sixty minutes, so you could even get it done during your lunch break! This is compared to other procedures, such as veneers, which might involve multiple trips to the dentist.

Composite bonding really is value for money as well. Once you’ve had the procedure, it will last between five to seven years, so you hopefully won’t need any more trips to the dentist. Considering it is normally less than half the price of veneers, you really get your money’s worth. If there are any issues with the resin, you can get it easily repaired with a quick trip to the dentist.
Hopefully you found this blog useful and it has answered any questions about composite bonding that you might have had. If you are interested in seeing how it can help your smile and would like to talk to one of our expert dentists, get in touch today! Call: 0207 486 5180 or email:


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