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Post-lockdown lack of confidence: how improving the look of your teeth can increase your self-esteem

Now that we’ve reached another milestone in the easing of lockdown, with pubs and restaurants re-opening and as we start to socialise again and return to the workplace, you might be feeling a little self-conscious and lacking in confidence about your teeth and smile around others.

Side effects of lockdown on our body confidence
The majority of us will have led extremely restricted lives for the last few months and we may well have neglected ourselves in some cases. Some of us will have missed the fresh air from being indoors too much and perhaps not taken enough exercise. Add to this eating too many sugary foods and takeaways, drinking more alcohol and possibly even starting smoking again and it isn’t hard to see how these last few months may have contributed to a deterioration in our overall appearance, our mental health and our confidence.

How have our teeth been affected?
One of the things that some of us will have noticed is that the colour of our teeth has worsened over the last few months. Even with the best brushing in the world, some products will eventually cause our tooth enamel to become stained. During the first lockdown, dental practices were forced to close for everything except emergency appointments. Missing routine appointments can result in an increase in staining, with plaque and tartar building up on and around your teeth and gums, particularly if you’re not a rigorous brusher and you regularly consume teeth-staining food and drinks, such as coffee, tea and red wine. Last year, it was revealed by a study that 1 in 8 Brits failed to brush twice a day between March and June of 2020, which will undoubtedly have resulted in excess staining and a duller smile for many people.

Treatments to encourage body and mouth confidence

A recent study also found that the average person is this year set to spend around £1,515 each on beauty transformations post-lockdown, including tooth whitening and teeth aligner therapy.

When asked why they have decided to invest in their physical appearance, 20% of Brits said that the pandemic has made them want to focus more on taking care of themselves, post-lockdown. Specific reasons include wanting to boost confidence and build self-esteem. Of those surveyed, many said their desire to change is driven by looking better for dating and appearing more professional on work video calls.

Not only can professional tooth whitening treatment and a ‘smile makeover’ leave your mouth and smile looking refreshed and rejuvenated after the long winter lockdown, but it has the potential to boost your confidence as you start to socialise and return to the workplace again. Here we look at why professional tooth whitening is the only means of whitening teeth you should ever opt for and how it can help you to smile and feel more confident, both inside and out.

The confidence that tooth whitening can provide
As confidence and self-esteem are two huge building blocks that help create success and happiness, it’s important to outline ways in which tooth whitening can bring you a step closer to these.

As humans, we have a tendency to cover up the aspects of our bodies that we dislike, and even avoid being around others for fear of being judged. When you repress a smile in an attempt to hide your teeth, this is no different but it can have a dramatic effect on your happiness in the long term. A smile releases chemicals (endorphins) that are responsible for wellbeing and even when you’re not in the mood to smile, research has shown that smiling, (even if you don’t necessarily feel like it) can make you feel happier. With this in mind, by failing to address the things you dislike about your smile such as tooth discolouration or crooked teeth, you could be inadvertently affecting your long-term happiness and mental wellbeing.

Meanwhile, healthy-looking teeth are often representative of a healthy lifestyle and success. There’s a reason why we dress smartly and have our hair done when we go out for a special occasion: we value a first impression that’s indicative of self-care, love and respect.

Tooth whitening: the ideal treatment for a forthcoming special event
It’s safe to say that now restrictions are gradually being lifted, many of us are making up for lost time in the socialising department. Covid-19 put a pause on many special life events like weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays and baby showers and in the next 12 months (providing the Covid-19 vaccination rollout continues to be a success), it’s hoped that we can all enjoy such events again.

Gathering in groups and being photographed in the post mask-wearing era might sound like an intimidating prospect and it’s no wonder, given how we’ve all adapted to covering our mouths routinely and for so long. Treatment like tooth whitening can provide you with the dose of confidence you might need, as you get used to socialising normally again.

Post-lockdown tooth whitening: learning to love your smile again
If you haven’t yet done so, booking both a routine dentist appointment should be your first priority now that we are coming out of lockdown. Don’t despair about not having seen the dentist for several months. Our dental experts will be able to assess what care you need, including removing visible hard deposits and staining. This is all part of the service they provide and you will be able to see the improvement after just one visit.

They will also give you expert advice on gum recession, bleeding gums, bad breath, plaque, tartar build-up and gum disease.

However, considering additional treatment like tooth whitening can provide an even bigger boost of confidence for your smile and general health. Here at This Is It Dental, we see many patients who find a renewed drive and incentive to care for their teeth and smile after treatment and want to maintain the results of whitening. With proper brushing and flossing, the positive results of tooth whitening treatment can last for up to two years.

Tooth whitening is a straightforward and non-invasive procedure that is carried out at the practice and takes just around an hour from start to finish. You will need to have your general oral health checked beforehand and any decay or gum disease treated first. Once you have had this done you are just an hour away from having a brighter, whiter smile. 

Why not arrange to have a consultation with one of our dental experts who will be pleased to explain the procedure and anticipated results to you in more detail?

Why professional whitening?
Professional tooth whitening is widely considered to be the best way to whiten your smile. Here are a few reasons why:
• Safety: the most important aspect of any treatment is that it’s safe for patients. In-practice whitening is 100% safe for patients, as it’s overseen by a dentist and the whitening trays are custom-made. The fact that the whitening trays are bespoke is extremely important, as there is no risk of the whitening agent coming into contact with your gums.
• Tailored to your smile: only a dentist can deliver tailored treatment. Here at This Is It Dental, your dentist will take in your unique facial features and current tooth shade into account before the whitening process goes ahead.
• Longer-lasting: in-practice tooth whitening delivers the most durable result – it’s a better option to over-the-counter kits which tend to produce a result that lasts only a few months.

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