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Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Sonic electric toothbrush with app HX9924/44

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Boasting 4 high-performance brush heads and personalised coaching through the Sonicare app, the HX9924/44 DiamondClean Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush offers effortless yet exceptional care for all areas of oral health.

Premium Plaque Defence

The Premium Plaque Defence brush head features soft flexible sides and bristles that contour to the shape of each tooth's surface to provide 4x more contact and remove up to 10x more plaque from hard-to-reach areas.

Premium Gum Care

Alternatively, opt for the Premium Gum Care brush head to improve your gum health. Its smaller size and targeted bristles deliver gentle yet effective cleaning along the gumline, where gum disease starts. It's clinically proven to deliver up to 100% less gum inflammation and up to 7x healthier gums in just two weeks.

Stain removal

The HX9924/44 even comes with a Premium White brush head to remove surface stains and reveal your whitest smile. With its densely packed central stain removal bristles, it's able to remove up to 100% more stains in just three days.

Long-lasting fresh breath

Lastly, the TongueCare+ brush works to gently remove odour-causing bacteria from the pores of your tongue. It has 240 specially designed MicroBristles that get between all your tongue's ridges and grooves to remove bacteria and debris that lead to bad breath. Team this with Philips' antibacterial BreathRx tongue spray for super-fresh breath.

Philips Sonicare app

Thanks to the smart location sensor, you'll always know where you've brushed, and where you haven't for 100% coverage. Real-time tracking on the Philips Sonicare app that lets you know when you've achieved a thorough clean. Plus, if your dentist has highlighted any trouble areas, the app will flag them on your 3D mouth map and remind you to take extra care.

Additional features:

Built-in sensor and reminder to prevent over-scrubbing
Brush heads automatically select the optimal settings when clicked on
Brush head replacement alerts
USB travel case that doubles as a charger

3 intensities to choose from
Clean mode for daily cleaning
White+ stain removal
Deep Clean+
Gum Health
Tongue Care